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At least one parent from each family must volunteer at each swim meet for children to be eligible to participate in the meet. In 2020, in a change from previous seasons, one parent must sign-up for a season-long role when they register their child/children.  (Note: it is understood that you may have to miss one or more meets for various reasons but if your child is swimming, you must find a replacement volunteer).  The purpose of this change is to increase consistency and reliability of our volunteer efforts.  For more details on each volunteer role and responsibilities, see below:

Tent (Age Group) Parents:

  • Responsible for the safety and well-being of all kids in their age/gender tent for the entirety of each meet.
  • Check in each swimmer in the tent at least 30 mins prior to the beginning of the meet.
  • MUST check in with the volunteer coordinator at least 15 minutes before start of meet and update him or her on the tent's attendance.
  • Ensure each swimmer knows in which events they are participating.
  • Check and mark any swimmers not already marked with their race information.(Race/Heat/Lane/Leg for Relays)
  • Line up and escort swimmers in order to the Ready Bench and bring them back to the tent when swimmers finish their turn
  • Must remain at the meet until their last swimmer has been checked out by a parent/guardian.
  • Encourage all swimmers in their tent and look for opportunities to point out positive growth as a swimmer and/or team mate.
  • The age group parents for the youngest ages (6 & Under and 7/8 Years) are critical to the timely start of the meet.

Heat Winner Ribbons: (AM/PM Shifts)

  • Watches each race and determines which swimmer touches the wall first.
  • Hands out Green Heat Ribbon to the first swimmer to touch the wall.
  • Determines Heat Winner regardless of false starts, legality of strokes, and official timekeeping.
  • May award 2 heat ribbons in case of apparent tie.

Hospitality: (AM/PM Shifts)

  • Serves water to volunteers at all meets.
  • At home meets, ensures that there are cups, ice, and carrying trays available.

Ready Bench: (AM/PM Shifts)

  • The Ready Bench is where swimmers are grouped for their events and place into lanes prior to their races.
  • Organize and line kids up into heat groups.
  • Ensure each swimmer is lined up at the correct lane.
  • Critical to keeping meets running smoothly!
  • May have to clear parents/coaches out of Ready Bench.
  • Can still watch their own children’s races.

Ribbons and Awards: (PM Shifts)

  • The main responsibility for Ribbon Volunteers is to adhere labels to the appropriate ribbons, and organize those ribbons (per team’s preference) for distribution to team members after the meet.
  • Ribbons Lead for each team shall ensure that his team has ordered a sufficient number of Personal Best ribbons for his own team.
  • Heat ribbons will be awarded at the discretion of heat ribbon volunteers in all events at all meets
  • Expect to stay 15-20 mins longer after each meet.

Runners: (AM/PM Shifts)

  • Pick up timer sheets from Timers and DQ slips from Stroke Judges after each heat and delivers them to the Scorers/Computer team.
  • 1 of the Runners will act as the DQ Runner, standing with the Stroke Judges and delivering DQ sheets to Scorer's table.

Starter: (AM/PM Shifts)

  • Responsible for running the pool once the warm-ups have begun.
  • Responsible for starting heats.
  • Critical for moving the meet along quickly and smoothly.
  • Coordinates with the Head Referee, Stroke & Turn Judge, and other officials.
  • Stroke & Turn Judges: (AM/PM Shifts)
  • Must participate in a training class offered at the beginning of the season. Date and time of training will be relayed by the Meet Director when decided upon by the NAAL.
  • Observes relays exchanges and notes teams with illegal exchanges on the DQ slip.
  • Observes swimmers’ strokes and notes incorrect strokes on the DQ slip.
  • DOES NOT directly approach any swimmer or parent about disqualifications.
  • BONUS: You get a great view of every race.

Team Photographer:

  • Responsible for taking photographs at the meets and all team functions.
  • Responsible for helping to create a photo book for the season.

Timer: (AM/PM Shifts)

  • Without timers we can’t run the meet. Timers assure that each swimmer gets the most accurate times possible. They are also our last line of defense to assure that the right swimmer gets the right time by making sure each swimmer swims when and where they are supposed to. You will be trained on deck. It isn’t difficult and there are always three timers per lane so the responsibility averages out. You will be required to attend a timers’ meeting about 15 minutes before the session starts. Timing involves starting the stop watch on the start and stop it on the finish. You will write down the time (or memorize it to write moments later), clear your watch, and be ready to start all over again with the next race.
  • Stands at the end of assigned lane and times each swimmer in that lane for the duration of the shift.
  • Change sides of the pool depending on the event.
  • Required to listen to the Starter.
  • Check in with the entry monitor and then the head timer.
  • For each heat, confirm the athlete’s name listed on the timer/lane sheet, start the watch with the light (not the sound), and stop the watch and plunger when the athlete touches the wall at the finish.
  • Record the watch time on the timer/lane sheet.
  • Sign out with the head timer at the end of your session.

Volunteer Check-in and Support:

  • Works directly with the team Meet Director and Volunteer Coordinator
  • Assists the Meet Director with miscellaneous volunteer coordinating duties.
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