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Dust Devils

Dust Devils is a practice-only group, primarily geared for children 8 years old and younger, who can swim but are not yet able to swim the full 25m pool length or are not yet ready for the swim meet environment.  Dust Devils is not swim lessons for children who cannot swim; it is conditioning to prepare for the Twisters swim team.

Dust Devils Practice Times

Swimmer Evaluation:

Prior to the start of the season, the Twisters coaches perform a swimmer evaluation for new swimmers age 8 and younger.  Children are asked to swim one length of the pool (25m) without using the pool floor or lane ropes for assistance.  Those who complete this successfully are eligible to practice with their designated age group on the Twisters team.  This is a good opportunity to determine whether your child is a better fit for the Dust Devils or Twisters team at the start of the season.

Moving to the Twisters team:

A child who starts the season on the Dust Devils is eligible to move to the Twisters team as soon as they are able to swim one length of the pool without stopping.  Please contact the Dust Devils coach to help you determine if your child is ready.

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