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2020 Twisters Swim Team Registration

Registration Fees: 

  • $205 for First Swimmer
  • $185 Each Additional Swimmer.  
  • Non-member fee: $10 per swimmer

Swimmers 15-18 year of age have a reduced registration fee of $16/swimmer.

****All services in Texas provided by a country club are subject to sales tax.  Your registration fee final total includes 8.25% sales tax.

Athlete Information

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Twisters or Dust Devils

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Non-Member Eligibility

I am NOT a member of Twin Creeks Country Club. I am requesting non-member admission to the Twin Creeks Twisters Swim Team and agree to pay a non-member fee of $10 per swimmer.

Swimmer and Parent Code of Conduct

The Twin Creeks Twisters swim team was formed with the objective of helping young swimmers develop physical fitness, self-discipline, self-confidence, proficiency in competitive swimming strokes, and good sportsmanship.  Every participant including swimmers, coaches, officials, board members, parents, volunteers, and spectators have a responsibility to behave in a respectable manner and to comply with and support the code of conduct while participating in all Twin Creeks Twisters swimming events. While attending and/or participating in any Twin Creeks Twisters swimming event, no person shall:

  • Strike, shove, or threaten to lay a hand upon an official, swimmer, coach, or spectator.
  • Engage in abusive, verbal attack upon any other person on or off the pool deck.
  • Use profanity or vulgar language on or off the pool deck.
  • Engage in unsportsmanlike conduct of any sort.
  • Refuse to abide by an official's decision.

Any violation of the above policy will result in the following action at the discretion of the Home Meet Director:

  • First Offense: A warning (at the discretion of the meet director)
  • Second Offense: Ejection of the person(s) from the Meet/Event
  • Third Offense: Suspension of the person(s) from any and all meets for the remainder of the season.
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Medical Release, Treatment Consent, and Indemnity Agreement

This Release and Indemnity Agreement ("Release") is made by the undersigned adult, as parent or legal guardian (the "Representative") of the minor(s) listed below (the "Participant(s)"), to release and indemnify Twin Creeks Twisters Swim Team, and any of its parent, affiliated or subsidiary companies and organizations, and all their respective officers, directors, agents, contractors, employees, heirs, successors, board members, and volunteers, and assigns (collectively, "Twin Creeks Country Club" or "Club"), as set forth below.

1. Event
Representative, on Participant’s behalf and on behalf of the other members of Representative’s family, including Representative’s spouse, parents, children, heirs, and assigns, (singularly and collectively referred to as "Representative") grants to the Club this full release and indemnification in exchange for permitting Participant to participate in the following (the "Event"):
The 2019 swim team season, including all practice times, stroke clinics and swim meets between April 20th, 2019 and June 30th, 2019.

2. Release and Indemnity
Representative agrees to release, indemnify, defend, and hold harmless, the Club from any claim for loss, costs, damages, or expenses arising from death, bodily injury, or any other damage to persons or property, including loss or theft of property, that occurs by reason of participant's participation in the event, or is caused by: (i) The negligent acts or omissions of the Club (ii) The negligent, grossly negligent, or intentional acts or omissions of Representative, Participant, Representative's guest(s), or Participant's guest(s); or (iii) The negligent, grossly negligent, or intentional acts or omissions of any third party including other participating in the event; or (iv) Any conditions existing upon the premises or equipment whether caused by the inadvertent, negligent, grossly negligent or intentional acts or omissions of the Club.
Representative, by signing below, certifies that Representative fully understand that this release will provide an absolute defense to any lawsuit or claim against the Club for any injuries or damage that Representative or Participant may incur by reason of Participant's participation in the Event.

3. Medical
Representative consents to emergency medical care and transportation in order to obtain treatment in the event of injury to Participant as the Club may deem appropriate. This Release extends to any damage or loss arising out of the medical treatment and transportation provided in the event of an emergency, including the negligent acts or omissions of any health care providers, their agents, employees, or representatives.

4. Severability
If any provision or portion of this Release is found to be invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining portions and provisions of this Release shall remain effective and shall be construed as if the invalid portion or provisions had not been contained herein.

5. Representative understands and acknowledges that this Release shall be binding on my estate, heirs, administrators and assigns.

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Photographs and Video Consent, Waiver, Indemnity and Release

I hereby grant permission to Twin Creeks Twisters Swim Team and representatives of Twin Creeks Country Club to take photographs or videos of me and to make recordings of my voice at the event or location noted below.

Event/Location: 2019 Twin Creeks Twisters Swim Season
Date: 4/20/19 – 6/30/19

I further grant to the producers and their representatives the right to reproduce, use, exhibit, display, broadcast and distribute and create derivative works of these images and recordings in any media now known or later developed. I acknowledge that Twin Creeks Twisters owns all rights to the images and recordings.

Waiver, Indemnity and Release
I hereby waive any right to inspect or approve the use of the images or recordings or of any written copy. I further waive all moral rights. I also waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising from or related to the use of the images, recordings, or materials. I hereby release, defend, indemnify and hold harmless the producers from and against any claims, damages or liability arising from or related to the use of the images, recordings or materials, including but not limited to claims of defamation, invasion of privacy, or rights of publicity or copyright infringement, or any misuse, distortion, blurring, alteration, optical illusion or use in composite form that may occur or be produced in taking, processing, reduction or production of the finished product, its publication or distribution. I am 18 years of age or older and I am competent to contract in my own name. I have read this document before signing below, and I fully understand the contents, meaning and impact of this consent, waiver, indemnity and release. This consent, waiver, indemnity and release is binding on me, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns.

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Volunteer Commitment

I understand my child will not be permitted to swim if I do not meet my volunteer commitment of providing one parent or guardian volunteer per family, at each meet, and will reply to the Volunteer Coordinator when requested to notify that we will not be present.

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