REVISED Heat Sheet

    Hello all - the heat sheet has been revised due to an error (on the Gator's end).  It is attached and linked here:


    This ONLY affected the Girls age 9/10 groups, specifically the heats for events 17 (25 meter freestyle), 37 (25 m backstroke), and 49 (25 m backstroke).

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    Congratulations to new Twisters team record holders!

    Hello twisters swimmers and parents! We have updated our Twisters record books for the first time since 2018, and have several new record holders from events in 2019 or 2021 to share with you!  Congratulations to our new record holders!  We've attached a file listing all of the new record…

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    Hi Team, 

    I hope you all are enjoying the summer! 
    Group Photos and Ribbons/Medals from the champs will be available to pick up at the main club front desk. 

    It was such a great season and we thank you all of you and hope to see you again next season…

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