Meet Book: Gators vs. Twisters, Saturday June 5

    Hello Twisters, 

    Here are the Heat Sheets for tomorrow's meet. The Meet Book from the Gator is copied below as well: 

    Address: Great Hills Country Club at 5914 Lost Horizon Dr, Austin, TX 78759

    Arrival Time: Swimmers and volunteers should arrive between 6:30AM and 6:45AM.

    Meet Start Time: 8:00 AM

    Warm Up Start Time: 7:25 AM for Twisters.

    Swimmer Drop-Off: For swimmer drop off, you can follow the below flow diagram. Note the location of the Visiting Team Swimmer Area that your team can use to set up age group tents if you plan to use them this year. We will have a designated swimmer drop off location along the sidewalk on Lost Horizon Drive near the Visiting Team Swimmer Area.With the Great Hills Country Club site under construction, on-site parking will be limited to golf club patrons only. Swimmer families may park on Lost Horizon Drive or on Bluegrass Drive, but we ask swimmer families to please not park on Crenata Cove or any of the other minor side streets off of Lost Horizon Drive or Bluegrass Drive. Gators will have volunteers running golf carts to aid those who have parked on the street. **We highly encourage carpooling to the swim meet wherever possible and are encouraging only direct family member spectators for this season due to the limited space available for family seating.Great Hills Country Club News: The Great Hills Country Club is under construction during the 2021 swim season. We will be doing our best to attempt to provide as efficient a meet flow process as possible. There are many areas around the pool at Great Hills Country Club that are active construction sites. These areas will be generally marked with barricades and Caution tape, but please ask your parents and swimmers not to enter the construction areas or approach/climb on construction equipment or materials.

    Meet Swimmer Flow (See Diagram Below): During the meet, swimmers will enter through the west deck entrance and exit via the the east deck entrance. 

    • As swimmers are preparing for their upcoming heats, they will enter the pool deck on the west side of the pool near their team area and enter the Ready Bench area.


    • Due to the construction at Great Hills Country Club and Covid-19 protocols in place for this season, there will be very limited space available for family seating. We will have a spectator staging area available where family members who wish to be able to see their swimmer swim their event can stage themselves to be able to hear and see the current events and heats in the water.
    • We are asking that family members only enter the splash pad area just before their swimmers’ heat and then immediately exit the facility via the eastside pool entrance after the heat has ended.

    Shift Change: We will do shift changes between events 38 and 39.

    Concession: Our concession stand will be open for breakfast and lunch. It is cash only.

    Meet Tracking: This year the league is using Meet Maestro, families can track the meet via the Swimtopia mobile app. https://www.swimtopia.com/tour/swimtopia-mobile-app/

    Goooo Twisters!! 

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    Hi Team, 

    I hope you all are enjoying the summer! 
    Group Photos and Ribbons/Medals from the champs will be available to pick up at the main club front desk. 

    It was such a great season and we thank you all of you and hope to see you again next season…

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